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Sep 29 2010

Broken leg on Ridge Trail

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A mountain biker broke her tib/fib on the Ridge Trail above American Fork Canyon. A hasty team on motorcycles quickly found her and and began to help her while directing other team members to the scene. Another team arrived with the litter, treated/packed her, and transported her to an ambulance on the road below.

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Sep 26 2010

Injured mule rider in West Canyon

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A mule rider in West Canyon suffered a head injury. Team members where flown into the area on Air Med and set up a raising system to get him up to an LZ where he was flown out.

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Sep 12 2010

Boys ledged out above Bridal Veil Falls

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Two teenage boys got ledged out above Bridal Veil Falls. Teams located and guided them out with no problem.

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Sep 11 2010

Mountain Rescue Association Summer Recertification

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As members of the Mountain Rescue Association, UCSSAR and other teams in the Intermountain Region must pass a reaccreditation test every two years (alternating winter and summer) to ensure that all teams maintain the highest technical standard for effectiveness and safety.

Utah County hosted the recert this year and teams from Utah, Idaho and Montana attended. The event was deemed a huge success as all teams passed the tests, renewed acquaintances, and went home with many prizes from generous donors.

A very special thanks is in order for the organizers who spent countless hours in preparation and hosting, and to our generous retail sponsors. Below are a few comments from participants and a thank you letter written by the MRA IR Summer Recert Chair and MRA Intermountain Region Chair Shaun Roundy:

From John Sohl of Weber County SAR:

We just completed the summer rock recert for the Intermountain Region. It went very smoothly and I’d like to thank Shaun Roundy (with back up by Mike V.) for doing such an excellent job of staging a recert that was both fun and challenging. Shaun and the entire Utah County Sheriff’s SAR team pulled off a smooth operation in spite of the fact that they had two search callouts at the same time as the recert of seven teams from the Intermountain Region was going on.
Now that I’ve given myself a few days off from thinking about the recert, it’s time to send out my own thank you list to everyone who helped our event turn out so successfully.

From Shaun Roundy:

Thanks, John.

West Barton, along with Dale Barnett and others of Utah County Sheriff VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service / Jeep Patrol) for doing an AMAZING job with the food. Not just preparing, but planning, shopping for items on sale, and choosing menu items like prime rib, steak and everything sandwiches, etc. Mm, mmm.

SCAT (Sheriff’s Communication Auxilary Team) Commander Bryan Perry, Andy Heil, and others for taking check ins, handling sales, helping out with meals, posing as victims for test scenarios, and bringing up the space-age Multi Agency Command Center. Next time we’ll expect you to deploy the disco ball.

Russel Black of UCSSAR for heading up the Swag Committee and rounding up so many great prizes from our sponsors to give away to participants, along with all the committee members who spent so many hours at the Outdoor Retailer Show and elsewhere and did such a great job.

Chris Johnson for the superb-looking signs directing traffic and thanking our sponsors. He’s making 7 more of the Life Flight one because everyone there is fighting over it!

Leon Milroy, Area Manager for American Land and Leisure for superb hospitality in providing our campsites and group site.

Dr. Keith Hooker, Utah County SAR Medical Control, for making us laugh and reminding us not to stress out too much over our sometimes-demanding volunteer positions.

IHC Life Flight for sending one of their hoist helicopters for tagline training.

Mark Patey of UCSSAR for bringing his helicopter for the search scenario and flying members of other teams around.

Bruce Riddle, Alan Wakefield, and other ICS members and Scenario Committee members of UCSSAR for designing all testing scenarios.

Deputy Collin Gordon, Sergeant Tom Hodgson, and many Utah County SAR volunteers for taking numerous assignments large and small.

UCSSAR Commander Jared Hansen for providing various area maps.

UCSSAR Chris Reed for setting up a GPS course of 300-year-old (?) Spanish petroglyphs with cool tokens for anyone who magically found some spare time.

UCSSAR Ron Zeeman for the nice sound system.

Jorge Delgadillo of UCSSAR for providing on-site medical oversight.

Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Bonneville, Ravalli Counties SAR and Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Group for training hard, keeping skills sharp, traveling, and doing a great job at the recert.

ESAR (Explorer Post SAR) of UCS for providing scenario victims.

Alan Bergstrom of Salt Lake County and Spencer Christian of Utah County for accepting the positions of Vice Chair and Secretary, respectively, of the MRA Intermountain Region. Congratulations.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office for many of the resources listed above.

Our major sponsors: ATI Action Target, Black Diamond, Clif Bar, Goretex, Intermountain Healthcare, MountainWorks, Native Eyewear, Ortovox, Out-n-Back, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, as well as all our other sponsors: Ignite, Outdoor Products, Portec Outdoor Gear, Yaktrax, Crazy Creek, FRS Healthy Energy, Goal0, Lorpen Innovative Technical Socks,, Sea to Summit, Seal Line,, Tech4o, Thermarest, Vineyard Garden Center, and

I hope I haven’t left anyone out!

THANK YOU, everyone, for your willingness to help out and for doing such a superb job! You are truly appreciated.

Shaun Roundy
Utah County SAR
MRAIR 2010 Summer Recert Chair

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Sep 11 2010

Overdue hiker on Lone Peak

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SAR responded to to search for an overdue hiker on Lone Peak. A fire was spotted from the air teams reached the hiker in good condition on the trail in the morning.

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Sep 09 2010

Teenage boys stranded in Grove Creek

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Two 16 year olds became ledge out on the south side of Grove Creek Canyon in the dark. Teams responded to help find them and a safe route down. They reached the trailhead and grateful family around midnight.

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Sep 06 2010

Stranded hikers above Rock Canyon

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A group of hikers became ledged out above the Rock Canyon Campground on Labor Day. SAR assisted Provo and two groups of hikers were assisted back down to the road.

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Sep 05 2010

ATV accident on Skyline Drive

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An ATV accident on the south end of the county on Skyline Drive. A county unit provided CPR and first aid while team members responded. North-end units where canceled, and Life Flight responded to help with the evacuation.

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Sep 05 2010

ATV rollover near Silver Lake Flats

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SAR responded to Silver Lake Flats to help with a woman with serious injuries when her ATV rolled over her. A Life Flight helicopter flew her to a hospital.

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Sep 02 2010

Dehydrated hiker near Goshen

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SAR responded to search for a dehydrated female in the Goshen area at the south end of the county. She was spotted by a SAR member’s helicopter, then met by team members, hydrated and walked out to the vehicles.

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