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Mar 30 2010

Missing person in Eagle Mountain

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An individual was reported missing in the Eagle Mountain area, and was located 20 minutes after SAR was paged.

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Mar 28 2010

Missing persons in Three Forks

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SAR was paged at 8:07 p.m. to search for three individuals missing in the Three Forks area. The individuals were located and SAR was canceled 25 minutes later.

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Mar 20 2010

Stuck hikers spend night on Timpanogos

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Three hikers descending Mount Timpanogos found themselves trapped by cliffs below in the dark and spent a cold night in the Primrose Cirque above Aspen Grove.

One hiker descended to the parking lot in the morning and called 911. SAR teams reached the other hikers and assisted them down. One hiker reported a leg injury which rendered her unable to walk, but felt better as she warmed up.

A cool night provided a good refreeze of the snow pack and allowed SAR just enough time to complete the mission before warming temps caused avalanche danger to rise.

SAR teams make their way up the mountain with crampons, axes, avalanche and other gear.

A SAR member crosses a snowfield to where the hikers spent the night.

The third hiker takes a break half way down the mountain with avalanche debris in the background.

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Mar 05 2010

Mountain Rescue Association recertification

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A group of SAR members trained for the MRA Intermountain Region winter recertification which is required every five years, and passed all tests with a near-perfect score near Victor, Idaho this weekend.

We express our gratitude to Bonneville County SAR for hosting a fantastic recert, and to all other MRA and especially Intermountain Region teams for the positive association we share.

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